Monday, 6 October 2014

I am Shocked and Appalled, I Must Say

The general presumption out there is by all accounts that the Bush organization hasn't precisely shown themselves to be "qualification monarchs" when making key political arrangements. Give me a chance to offer a contradicting notion from the accord here: the Bush organization has stringent measures in terms of accreditations. The main issue is that the primary certification that matters is your readiness to twist over the work area, spread 'em wide and verify that ol' Georgie knows in no dubious terms that he has a colossal penis. Through Digbylicious, I discover the most recent on the Mukasey Justice Dept's. exertion to stonewall the examination concerning the demolished CIA torment tapes. As Digs brings up in one of her post-titles, its an intricate session of heads I win, tails you lose, with the included stipulation that regardless you lose regardless of the fact that the coin by one means or another grounds on its edge.

The Bush organization told a government judge it was not committed to save tapes of CIA cross examinations of suspected terrorists and urged the court not to research the tapes' demolition.

In court reports recorded Friday night, government attorneys told U.s. Area Judge Henry H. Kennedy that requesting data about the tapes would meddle with current examinations by Congress and the Justice Department.

The organization has taken a comparative methodology in its dealings with Congress on the issue. On Friday, the Justice Department advised Congress to hold off on addressing witnesses and requesting records on the grounds that that proof is some piece of a joint CIA-Justice Department examination.

 The CIA is not considered answerable for its undercover skullduggery, a Bush cohort is covering the organizations' aggregate ass, and the Democrats aren't going to do a damn thing about any of it. Off and on again it simply appears as though it isn't fucking worth the trouble any longer.